Who’s your … ready source for music?

Hi, I am Onos Love Powers. You must not have heard much of me. That’s because i keep like a low profile. Stay like grounded , in my room, all day. Listening to like music and stuff all day. But you must have heard of my cousin, his name is like Austin Danger Powers. When we were like growing up, i taught him like everything. But then he like kinda turned bad and decided to join like some military service. And then he like got very famous and became like sex god-ish. And then he like totally forgot me and stuff. Well that was like totally wrong. I told him like to behave and stuff. But then he totally told me like to “Oh behave baby” and stuff. And now he’s got money and women and shagadelic things and but look i have totally like got a blog now. Only time will tell us, like who is better. Austin D. Powers saved the world many times, Onos L. Powers will save the world from Emo Music and bring back the swinging, spinning and sinning. Yeah baby Yeah. For with great Powers, come great responsibility but with Love Powers comes the funk.


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